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  1. Leopard Gecko: 

  • Leopard geckos are tiny and peaceful pets, perfect for beginners.
  • They are nocturnal creatures, so they are most active during the evening and night.
  • Provide them with a secure enclosure with hiding spots and a warm basking area.
  • Feed them a diet of insects like crickets and mealworms, supplemented with calcium powder.

  1. Bearded Dragon

  • Bearded dragons can grow up to 24 inches and live for over a decade.
  • They enjoy being handled and are one of the best reptiles for interaction.
  • Provide a spacious enclosure with hiding spots, branches, and a basking area.
  • Offer a varied diet of insects, leafy greens, and vegetables.

  1. Crested Gecko

  • Crested geckos are calm and interesting pets with distinctive crests and eyes.
  • They require a vertical habitat with branches and foliage for climbing.
  • Offer a diet of commercially available crested gecko food, supplemented with insects occasionally.
  • Keep their enclosure misted to maintain humidity levels.

  1. Turtles

  • Turtles are primarily aquatic and need a tank with swimming space and a basking area.
  • Offer a varied diet of insects, small fish, leafy greens, and vegetables.
  • Ensure the water is clean and filtered, with a UVB lamp for basking.
  • Provide a secure enclosure to prevent escape and maintain proper temperatures.

  1. Corn Snakes

  • Corn snakes require a secure enclosure with hiding spots and substrate for burrowing.
  • They are docile and make excellent pets for beginners.
  • Offer a diet of appropriately sized mice or rats, with occasional supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Water Dragons

  • Water dragons need a large, well-ventilated enclosure with branches and foliage for climbing.
  • They enjoy basking, so provide a heat lamp and UVB lighting.
  • Offer a varied diet of insects, leafy greens, and occasional fruits.
  • Maintain proper humidity levels by misting the enclosure regularly.

  1. Tortoise

  • Tortoises are land-dwelling reptiles that need a spacious outdoor enclosure with access to sunlight.
  • They are herbivores, so offer a diet of leafy greens, vegetables, and occasional fruits.
  • Provide a shallow water dish for soaking and a shelter for hiding.
  • Ensure their enclosure is escape-proof and protected from predators.

  1. Ball Python: Known for their docile nature and beautiful color patterns.

  • Relatively low-maintenance and can thrive in appropriately sized enclosures.
  • Require proper heating and humidity.
  • Feed primarily on mice and rats, with size depending on the snake’s age and size.
  • Perfect for snake enthusiasts looking for a gentle companion.

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