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Best pets for kids

Pets are lovely little companions, especially for children. They offer a valuable lesson in caring for animals and become your child’s cherished friend. A child will learn that animals need empathy and responsibility to survive and live happily. It fosters a sense of connection and nurturing qualities in a child that goes beyond just having a pet into the broader spectrum of compassion and responsibility in other aspects.

Best Pets for Kids

Some Things to Consider…

  • Getting a pet is a lot to think about. You want it to be compatible with your child and for them to want one. Talk to them about different options and what you, as the parent, are willing to say yes to.
  • Think about the lifespan of the animal. Depending on your child’s age, most will have an emotional attachment to their beloved pet. So, choose a pet that will live longer.
  • A few other important things to factor in are the requirements of having a pet. Every pet has needs, and some animals need more care than others. Think about the money put towards food, toys, small pets, their living space, and medical expenses. What type of personality does your child have? They may lose interest in the pet. Can they handle the responsibility, and are you willing to take care and love also?

Best Pets for Kids Ages 4-7

Geckos: These tiny reptiles are easy to care for and fun to look at. They are low maintenance and perfect for young kids. Geckos live best in small habitats and are nocturnal, so the best time to play with this is in the morning and before bedtime.

Small Fish: Goldfish and betta are both great options for kids. They do require larger spaces for them to survive. Buy a small tank of around 20 gallons and create a homey habitat by putting in aquarium-safe gravel rocks and other fish tank décor so they have little hiding places. With the right food and care, beta fish can live around 3-5 years, and goldfish for much longer!

For Ages 8-12

Guinea Pigs: These furry creatures are a manageable size for kids. They are friendly and enjoy being around people of any age. Guinea pigs are calm in nature, so they are perfect for young children; kids can help care for them by brushing them, cleaning their cages, and ensuring they eat a healthy veggie diet.

Turtles: These animals are really affectionate and reflect the love you give them. Taking care of them requires little cost after initial setup. Turtles need water and plenty of insects to keep them happy.

Rabbits: cute and cuddly rabbits are known to be a top choice for kids. They are sweet and will bond with children quickly. Unlike smaller pets, they require more maintenance and are best suited for older kids. Rabbits desire attention and love to play, so time and commitment are needed. These pets also need time out of their cage, which provides an excellent opportunity for your kids to socialize with them. Make sure your kids clean their litter box and replace hay periodically. Include them in picking out vegetables and giving them the responsibility of a scheduled feeding time.

Be on the lookout for more pet options for your kiddos!

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